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Free text search on all your data

Elysium Analytics Search is a fully-managed service that makes it easy for you to deploy, secure, and run searches cost-effectively at scale. With Elysium Analytics Search, you only pay only for what you use – there is no upfront cost or usage requirements and no operational overhead.

Improve your SOC team’s productivity enabling search on all your data on Snowflake at cloud scale. Elysium Analytics Search is pre-configured and ready to go on all the data you have in your Snowflake data warehouses with the instant and near-infinite performance, concurrency, and scale your organization requires. Compute usage is billed on a per-second basis, with a minimum of 60 seconds.

Leveraging the familiar Kibana interface, you can quickly access all your data with the flexibility you are used to from Kibana. No set-up or deployment required.

How to search your log data

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