Who we are

Elysium Analytics was born from a passionate group of engineers who wanted to change how log analytics works. Since our inception, our journey has been one of unifying modern cloud platforms and revolutionary log analytics concepts using opensource values.

Fueled by the surge of data and the emergence of intricate technologies, our mission has crystallized: to empower teams with streamlined, cost-effective solutions for unparalleled observability and security. This vision gave rise to our groundbreaking platform, the pinnacle of our dedication to simplicity, optimization, and the boundless potential of open source innovation. Welcome to Elysium Analytics, where we redefine what’s possible in the world of log analytics.

Our Mission

At Elysium Analytics, our mission is clear and powerful: to transform every organization into a data-driven powerhouse, enhancing their security and observability capabilities. We achieve this by democratizing log data and telemetry data, placing valuable insights directly into the hands of analysts. Through self-service and advanced AI technologies, we empower analysts to conduct faster and more efficient investigations. Our goal is to redefine how organizations harness the potential of log data for enhanced security and observability, making informed decisions and actionable insights accessible to all.

Our Team