Unified Observability

  • Holistic approach to improved visibility to events and metrics from enterprise infrastructure, cloud applications, and cloud platforms with visualization in a unified user interface
  • Machine learning-based analytics and anomaly detection utilizing data from all sources mapped in an Open Data Model
  • Trigger unified alerting on any operational data regardless of the source
  • Source-independent data set provides clear insights into global user and entity behavior
  • Add new sources without modification to machine learning models or analytics

Cloud Observability


As corporations are moving to cloud applications, security teams (and often even IT teams) are being challenged with a lack of visibility to events and metrics. SaaS applications are often purchased by the business units and the security team is often not involved in the decision-making process or management of these applications. This creates a challenge for the security teams, making sure security measures are in place. Additionally, access to cloud application log files is often a problem as well in these situations, creating a significant blind-spot in the security operation.

Collecting log and metrics data from these applications into the central Data Cloud and mapping this data to data from the rest of enterprise and cloud infrastructure in an Open Data Model, and then applying the same machine learning-based analytics and rules, assures full visibility into the overall security posture.

With all the data ingested, processed, and visualized, the security team is enabled to defend cloud applications and infrastructure from account compromise, insider threat, and access misuse without impacting productivity and with consolidated visibility, analytics, and threat monitoring to quickly mitigate risk in the cloud.


  • Integrated with leading SaaS solutions
  • Built on a comprehensive understanding of each provider’s model of roles and permissions, and activity reporting
  • Comprehensive view of access and activity

Cloud Platforms

  • Integrated with leading SaaS solutions
  • Monitor and troubleshoot health and performance of applications, instances and containers
  • Monitoring of platform security across your cloud infrastructure

Move Your Data from the ELK Stack to the Data Cloud


ELK Stack is notoriously challenging to scale and “free” quickly becomes “exorbitant.” Hot storage cost on the ELK Stack runs in the thousands per TB and storing as much data as you need becomes impossible, compromising your access to critical information when you need it the most.

  • Simple migration from ELK Stack with full Beats and Logstash support
  • Ship your data to Elysium Analytics in parallel with your current ELK Stack implementation with no disruption to existing data flows
  • Deploy and run searches cost-effectively on Kibana at scale
  • Import existing Kibana dashboards and alerts. Seamless transition to a near-zero operations cloud scale platform with no disruption to workflows
  • Looker integrated for advanced analytics and out-of-the-box dashboards at no extra charge
  • Leverage machine learning-based analytics for user- and entity-based anomaly detection across all your data
  • No concurrency limitations and no degradation of response times regardless of load with cloud scale compute
  • No upfront cost or minimum usage requirements and no operational overhead

Augment, Offload or Share Your SIEM Data to Our Secure Data Cloud


Overcome data challenges associated with SIEM solutions today. Ingest log data from any source, including high-volume ones, in real time. Collect and ingest all log data and metrics with our built-in integrations.

Eliminate excessive SIEM storage costs and liberate yourself from restricting the amount of data you collect, analyze and store. Store massive amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data hot in a Data Cloud at a price significantly less than traditional storage.

  • Keep all your data hot and accessible for search and machine learning-based analytics
  • Meet operational and compliance multi-year retention requirements for improved observability, optimal threat hunting and deep analysis
  • Only pay for the storage and compute you use with zero operational overhead and CAPEX

Simplify Search and BI Dashboards on Snowflake


Snowflake, the leading data warehouse solution on the market today, is bringing their customers a significantly more cost-efficient and productive platform for data science, business intelligence and analytics. Most Snowflake customers leverage enterprise BI tools and invest significant resources into building their visualization and analytics to extract value from their data.

However, if there is a need to do a search on the data, SQL query is the only tool available from the BI vendors. This makes it challenging for people outside of the data science community to access information on an ad-hoc basis. We provide access through full-text search.

  • Build dashboards on data in Snowflake without going through the expense and effort of licensing a BI platform. Elysium Analytics is the only provider that offers search and dashboards as a cloud service
  • Full-text search with Kibana and build dashboards and analytics with both Kibana or Looker
  • Usage-based licensing, mapping to Snowflake’s billing model. There is no upfront license cost and no long-term commitment

MSSP Multi-Tenancy Done Correctly


With our usage-based billing model, Observability in a multi-tenancy environment could not be any easier or more cost-effective. With separate virtual data warehouses set up for each tenant, separation of compute and data as well as full accounting of activity and usage is provided. Compute utilization is optimized for low-cost, real time data loading of multiple tenants on auto-scalable compute instances. Snowflake’s data sharing allows for controlled access of data between tenants or from enrichment data to tenants. All of this translates to a high margin MSSP platform that scales with minimal operational overhead.

  • Lower the cost of delivery per customer with zero operations and usage-based billing
  • Zero performance impact between customers with full segregation of compute
  • Complete and secure data segregation
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Auto-scaling of compute for lowest latency with no over-provisioning
  • Scale out hot data storage seamlessly at a significantly lower cost

Data Monetization Platform for Snowflake Data Vendors


The Snowflake Data Marketplace is an innovative way for data vendors to provide secure access to their data without shipping and replicating data to customer accounts. All sharing is accomplished through Snowflake’s unique services layer and metadata store. This means that shared data does not take up any storage on a consumer account and therefore does not contribute to the consumer’s monthly data storage charges. The only charges to data consumers are for the compute resources (i.e. virtual warehouses) used to query the shared data and the subscription fees paid to the data vendor.

Elysium Analytics provides a simple SaaS-based search and dashboard front end to any data on Snowflake Marketplace, enabling Data Vendors to give easy access to the data with a usage-based pricing model.  Provide your customers full text search, analytics dashboards, anomaly detection, alerting, and reports with a simple to use solution that gives them full access to all your data with no data science experience required. 

  • Reduce costs and improve the customer experience you deliver as a data vendor
  • Gain access to the entire Snowflake customer base with simple configuration of search and analytics front-end
  • Expand the addressable market for data in Snowflake beyond existing Snowflake customers
  • Metering of compute consumption for usage-based billing
  • Provide full text search across all data tables with Kibana
  • Custom advanced analytics and alerting with Kibana and Looker
  • Zero maintenance and operational overhead for you as a vendor as well as for the end user