ElasticSearch on Snowflake

with best cost to scale ratio

Truly democratize your log data to enable search and analytics in Minutes. With Elysium, you can Leverage, Maintain and Manage all your log data and workloads within your Snowflake Datalake.

Elysium Cloud For Snowflake

Elysium Analytics is the first connected application which leveraged full blown Snowflake stack both technically and the business model. All the workloads from Ingestion (Snowppipe streaming), processing (Data engineering, Data model) and ML-analysis (Snowpark) are executed natively in Snowflake.


  • Elysium Search leverages an optimal API layer, seamlessly converts KQL/PPL queries to SQL, unlocking Snowflake’s powerful native capabilities.
  • Effortlessly handles even petabytes of Data while enabling analytics using Snowflake platform capabilities such as SOS, Snowpark ML etc.

Security Analytics

  • Elysium offers cutting-edge security analytics, consolidating diverse signals from components, users, and entities for robust threat detection
  • With Elysium, external threat intelligence becomes a powerful asset, enhancing detection, enriching data, and fortifying security postures.


  • Elysium centralizes logs, metrics, and traces, providing a unified observability solution across your data lake, enhancing troubleshooting efficiency
  • Elysium effortlessly integrates with existing observability pipelines through connectors, enhancing data insights with OpenSearch and Grafana visualization.

Elysium is :

A Connected App

Elysium, a connected app within the Snowflake ecosystem, seamlessly integrates with your Snowflake account. This synergy empowers you to effortlessly centralize and harness log data for unified analytics and AI-driven insights


Truly Open

Elysium is Truly Open, empowering you to extend its capabilities by harnessing Elysium’s data model for crafting custom analytics perfectly aligned with your unique requirements, if needed. The data lake is integrated with best in class open source tools for easy to use

Truly Native

Elysium operates with true nativity, where ETL workloads, analytics pipelines, and BI reports utilize Snowflake storage and compute leveraging native capabilities like SOS and Snowpark ML.

Pushdown Optimized

Elysium is Pushdown Optimized, allowing data processing tasks to be executed directly within Snowflake, reducing latency and improving performance for your analytics workloads.

Benefits of Elysium :

Zero Data Engineering

Spend little / no time on Data Engineering as Elysium effortlessly merges vital telemetry data optimized for specific usecases using its Open Data Model, meeting industry standards like OCSF.

Unlimited Data Retention

Elysium offers limitless data retention. Your log data stays put, ready for instant analytics. Say goodbye to data migration and ensure your insights are ‘always hot’ and available.

Complete Ownership

With Elysium Analytics, enjoy complete data sovereignty. Your data resides within your Snowflake account, ensuring full control, security, and ownership, without data movement or third-party dependencies.

Best of Opensource

We harness the power of proven open-source tools to provide you with a seamless, user-friendly experience, combined with enterprise-grade security and performance.