Security Analytics
at Enterprise Scale

Enable security analytics directly within the data lake. Eliminate the need to move data to separate analytics platforms.


Unlimited Data Retention. Unparalleled Visibility.

Data Lake Native

Retain ownership and control over your data by leveraging Elysium Analytics’ native integration with your data lake


Go beyond pre-defined features. Enable users to customize and extend their security analytics capabilities

Cost Efficient

Achieve exponential growth in log data while maintaining a predictable and cost-effective pricing model

Hot and Accessible Data

All data is hot and readily accessible, enabling real-time security analytics and uninterrupted threat monitoring.

Unified Open Data Model

Out-of-the-box Semantic Layer
  • Elysium’s open data model integrates security telemetry for more effective threat detection, reducing dwell times.
  • Elysium enables sharing and and reusing of model, algorithm, and analytics for threat detection.
  • Enterprises can view the flow of all entities connected to this user and understand the severity of the “finding” as well as entities affected by it.
  • Enhance your understanding of security threats by establishing context across telemetry and enrichment data

ML powered UEBA

Baseline User and Entity Behaviours Across the Enterprise
  • Detect potential threats across the full stream of ingested data
  • Analyze everything and retain all the data on Snowflake’s low-cost data cloud
  • Machine Learning detectors utilize UEBA and anomaly detection to find suspicious signals
  • Receive actionable alerts on malicious or anomalous patterns as data is received in near real time

Security Posture

360 View of Incoming Alert Data Streams
  • Immediately improve your security posture with out-of-the-box detection rules that automatically flag attacker techniques
  • Aggregation pipeline inside the Cloud Data Platform to roll up of alerts from the relevant sources
  • Reducing alert noise by deduping repetitive alerts to improve the signal to noise ratio

3rd Party Integrations

Turn-key Solution for faster Value
  • Unique, high-fidelity intel feds exposing cybercriminal activity
  • Fastest access & delivery of intel feds to customers
  • Integration with JIRA and ServiceNow for incident management
  • Automated responses to threats with Tines Security and other 3rd party tools

Behavioral and Rule Based Alerts

Keep Current with Quick Notification

  • Build advanced alerts based on multiple queries and trigger conditions
  • Employ alert recommendations that use supervised machine learning to accelerate response
  • Stay notified via Teams, JIRA, and other notification apps
  • Easily create your own custom rules in seconds—without the need to learn a proprietary query language

Threat Hunting

Accelerating SecOps by 10x
  • Semantic data model to unify the data in terms of field names and values across the sources
  • Aggregate index for long range queries over 12+ month periods
  • Deduping the data to remove noise with repetitive and recursive messages
  • Fast performance with Cloud Data Platform Search Optimization
  • Enrichment of the data with missing details (user account, internal IP, last owner, etc.)