At Enterprise Scale

Enable security analytics directly within the data lake. Eliminate the need to move data to separate analytics platforms.


See Beyond Limits.
Observability Redefined.


Democratize the log data across the teams – Security, Operational, Developers, Business

Data Ingestion

Quick and easy on-boarding


Centralizing all Logs, Metrics, and Traces to one store – cloud-native data lake


Applicability of data with mainstream open-source tooling

Infra Monitoring

Getting More Insights and Value from your Infrastructural Data
  • Gain Real-time Insights using Grafana to monitor and visualize your infrastructure in real-time, enabling you to detect issues and anomalies promptly
  • Obtain a comprehensive view of your network, servers, and devices to ensure optimal performance and availability
  • Create personalized dashboards with intuitive visualizations, tailored to your specific infrastructure monitoring needs

App Monitoring

Get Immediate Anomaly Signals for Application Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization: Leverage actionable insights from application monitoring to optimize performance, enhance scalability
  • Proactive Issue Detection: Identify bottlenecks, anomalies, and errors in real-time, allowing you to proactively address potential issues before they impact your users.
  • End-to-End Visibility: Monitor the performance and health of your applications across every layer, from front-end interfaces to back-end services, ensuring smooth user experiences.

Distributed Trace and Analysis

Intuitive Analysis for Faster Orientation
  • Distributed traces and analysis enables the monitoring and understanding of complex distributed systems
  • Captures detailed information about the interactions and flow of data across various components and services in a distributed architecture.
  • Analyzing these traces: developers and system administrators can gain valuable insights into system performance, identify bottlenecks, diagnose errors, and optimize the overall system behavior.
  • This feature greatly aids in troubleshooting and optimizing distributed systems, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.


Check out the Apps on this Log
  • Centralize and aggregate log files from various sources to gain a holistic view of your system’s activities and events.
  • Analyze everything and retain all the data on low-cost cloud data lake platforms
  • Utilize powerful search capabilities and filtering options provided by PPL to quickly access specific log data and derive valuable insights for operational improvements.


Indispensable Metrics at your Fingertips
  • Define and track key metrics aligned with your business goals, gaining actionable insights into the performance and health of your systems using grafana
  • Leverage actionable insights from metrics to make data-driven decisions and align your business goals with measurable outcomes
  • Identify unusual patterns or deviations from expected metrics, enabling you to detect and address potential issues before they impact your operations with the help of Open Search dashboards and PPL

Open Telemetry

One Interface for All Telemetry
  • Detect potential threats across the full stream of ingested data
  • Analyze everything and retain all the data on low-cost cloud data lake
  • Receive actionable alerts on malicious or anomalous patterns as data is received in near real time