Best-in-class Search, Security and Observability

A scalable Search, Security and Observability solution powered by opensource tools on commercial cloud data platforms

Elysium Cloud



Elysium is built on cloud data lake platforms, providing exponential growth at a predictable and manageable cost structure.


By being native to the data lake, Elysium seamlessly scales to handle massive volumes of data effortlessly without any data retention worries!


Maximize the value of your data with Elysium’s blend of Open Source and Commercial tools enabling you to uncover valuable insights.

Bring all your data together

Our open data model brings together all security-related telemetry into a unified taxonomy that can detect and understand threats more effectively than before, leading to shorter dwell times. Create analytics models with rich context of user and entity behaviors.

Democratize your data

Our open data model enables downstream analytics for sharing and reuse of threat detection models, algorithms, and analytics. With our high-level abstraction, no specialized data science skills are required to access data productively

Unified view

Gain additional insights into user activity. With contextual data connection, an analyst can see the complete flow of all entities connected to this user and understand the severity of the “finding” as well as entities impacted through it.

Single data store

Storing all your telemetry in a single data store gives you instant access to the data across all sources. Do full-text search, use our analytics applications, build your own, or integrate third-party solutions.


Establish context across all your telemetry and enrichment data for a deeper understanding of security threats

Add new sources

New data sources can be added with no impact on downstream applications. New data will be added to the data model and mapped to existing taxonomy, eliminating overhead associated with adding new data sources on legacy solutions.