Observability and Security at Enterprise Scale

Product Introduction

A modern log analytics platform that seamlessly offers scalable Search, Security, and Observability solutions powered by open-source tools on commercial cloud data platforms

On-board and get insights into any telemetry data in minutes

  • Instantly find relevant information with powerful full-text search capabilities.
  • Visualize data with intuitive charts and graphs for better understanding.
  • Quickly identify and respond to anomalies using automated AI/ML detection techniques.
  • Create custom analytics to extract deeper insights for your unique needs.

Enable Full Observability native to your data lake

  • Access logs, metrics, and traces together in a centralized location within your data lake.
  • Effortlessly integrate our platform with your existing observabilty pipeline using our Connectors.
  • Gather powerful insights using Open Search and Grafana for intuitive data visualizations.
  • Leverage built-in and custom features to build a personalized analytical solution.

Enable Security Analytics native to your data lake

  • Seamlessly integrate complex security landscape into your data lake using our Connectors.
  • Utilize Elysium’s curated OCSF compliant Open Data Model to contextualize security logs.
  • Instantly detect threats within seconds, with a correlation of historical data (in years).
  • Leverage advanced AI/ML tools with enhanced security analytics for UEBA / Security Posture.

Customer Success Stories

Discover how Elysium has helped our customers power their mission critical applications while enhancing operational efficiency, and gain valuable insights.

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    Needed a search and UEBA solution with the essential tools and capabilities required for in-depth analytics of escalated cases in the SOC

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    Needed a more robust security solution to modernize and elevate the protection of their enterprise and customer data without a considerable cost increase in computing and storage

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    Needed full observability of incoming data streams: visibility into their ingestion and collection of Boomi and Azure events into the Elysium application

Designed to help every team to do more.

Give teams the precise ways to achieve their goals with a simple user experience and execute the tasks faster


Empower Security analysts with data-driven insights.

Ability to collect all the data, enrich, store as HOT, and analyze at scale for faster investigations.


Deep visibility into modern distributed applications

Real-time insights through custom UIs. Monitor, analyze, and optimize data for proactive operations and seamless performance.


Innovate faster with higher quality

Automate DevOps pipelines to create better software faster, and free up time for innovation.


Accelerate growth with actionable insights

Unleash business potential with real-time insights. Make data-driven decisions and optimize operations for unmatched growth.

Monitor any stack with 300+ Integrations

Customer Testimonials