Log Management
at Enterprise Scale

Enable security analytics directly within the data lake. Eliminate the need to move data to separate analytics platforms.


Power of Open Search.
On unlimited history.

Data Lake Native

Retain ownership and control over your data by leveraging Elysium Analytics’ native integration with your data lake


Go beyond pre-defined features. Enable users to customize and extend their security analytics capabilities

Cost Efficient

Achieve exponential growth in log data while maintaining a predictable and cost-effective pricing model

Hot and Accessible Data

All data is hot and readily accessible, enabling real-time security analytics and uninterrupted threat monitoring.

Elysium Search

Full visibility on ALL your data in your enterprise
  • Integrated with Cloud Data Platform for a unified source of truth across IT, Security, and DevOps.
  • Full text search with a single open standard query language (KQL) across cloud, third-party SaaS, and on-prem environments
  • Effortlessly generate custom rules in seconds –  without mastering a proprietary query language

Dashboards and Visualization

Empower analysts with self-service dashboards
  • Utilize preconfigured Looker and OpenSearch dashboards or create custom ones tailored to your needs.
  • Enjoy the familiar flexibility of OpenSearch Dashboards for efficient data search and exploration.
  • Drive monitoring, compliance, and exploration through Looker and OpenSearch Dashboards’ versatile analytics interface.

Anomaly Detection

Uncover hidden activities with zero code
  • Detect potential threats across the full stream of ingested data
  • Analyze everything and retain all the data on Snowflake’s low-cost data cloud
  • Receive actionable alerts on malicious or anomalous patterns as data is received in near real time