Store Petabytes of hot data in your Data Lake for the price of archival storage and eliminate cache churn and rehydration.

Search on Petabytes. From within Splunk.

Run queries on a Snowflake security data lake from within the query bar on the Splunk application for ad-hoc queries on petabytes of hot data with no interruption to the workflow.
Bring security telemetry together into a unified taxonomy for a single source of truth with our open data model and detect and understand threats more effectively with richer context.
With Snowflake’s elastic compute, you will experience consistent performance regardless of level of concurrency or complexity of the query. Compute will automatically scale up and scale out as needed to guarantee consistent performance whatever the load.
We give you a zero-operations, turn-key solution. Easily ingest, transform, and deliver your data for faster, deeper insights with little to no time managing infrastructure, avoiding such tasks as capacity planning and concurrency handling.

Connect Security Data Lake to Your Splunk Implementation

Although substantially lower-cost storage and faster query response will have significant positive impact on security operations, any change to the SOC infrastructure must have minimal impact on the SOC workflow to be successful. With vertically integrated solutions where the application vendor has full control of storage, applications, APIs, and the user interface, it is often challenging to customize the solution to fit your needs.

Benefits of
Elysium Analytics
Splunk Add On

query compute

Query from Splunk on Snowflake data with elastic compute for consistent performance, scaling up and out as needed to ensure reliability under any workload.

Unlimited hot

Elysium Analytics leverages Snowflake’s optimized object storage for a cost-efficient security data lake, ensuring seamless searchability and scalability for Splunk.

Open data model

Unify security telemetry with our open data model for effective threat detection, rich context, and simplified analytics sharing.

Data integrity
and compliance

Unmatched security features baked in from the start. Achieve compliance, protect your data, and focus on analysis.

Zero operational

Accelerate insights with Elysium’s effortless data ingestion, transformation, and delivery. Free up data engineers to focus on high-value activities.

Go Beyond Splunk

Load data from Splunk; Load data directly from log sources

Load data from Splunk with Universal Forwarder or Data Stream Processor to Elysium Analytics for long term retention of hot data in Snowflake. Then add all the data sources you are not ingesting to Splunk for a single source of truth security data lake searchable from Splunk.

Apply advanced analytics, dashboards, graph, alerting across all your data

With your log data in Snowflake, you now have the freedom to apply advanced ML-based analytics for anomaly detection and alerting across all your telemetry. Build your own dashboards with OpenSearch Dashboards or Looker, set behavioral and rule-based alerting, and conduct threat investigations, threat hunting, and monitoring with months, or even years, of data instantly available. Want options: Full-text search and SQL are also available.

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