A Truly-Native,
Open Security LakeHouse at
Enterprise Scale

Elysium Leverages the powerful platform features of Databricks with best Cost to Scale to Value ratio, while being truly open for building log analytics both within and beyond the product ecosystem.

Elysium Cloud For Databricks

“Elysium Analytics and Databricks are the two open platforms aligned to solve Search, Security, Observability analytics for enterprises flooded with log data”


– Lipyeow Lim

Technical Director for Cybersecurity, Databricks


  • Elysium Search leverages an optimal API layer, seamlessly converts KQL/PPL queries to SQL, unlocking Databricks LakeHouse’s full potential.
  • Elysium adeptly handles data governance across Databricks and OpenSearch, empowering analytics on your “golden data set.”

Security Analytics

  • Elysium offers cutting-edge security analytics, consolidating diverse signals from components, users, and entities for robust threat detection
  • With Elysium, external threat intelligence becomes a powerful asset, enhancing detection, enriching data, and fortifying security postures.


  • Elysium centralizes logs, metrics, and traces, providing a unified observability solution across your data lake, enhancing troubleshooting efficiency
  • Elysium effortlessly integrates with existing observability pipelines through connectors, enhancing data insights with OpenSearch and Grafana visualization.

Power of Lakehouse

Experience seamless consolidation of all your telemetry data with Elysium Analytics on the Databricks Lakehouse platform. Unlock the power of unified analytics and AI capabilities, all within a single platform, and get up and running within minutes!

Best of Opensource

Leveraging the power of open-source tools, Elysium running natively on Databricks brings you a comprehensive suite of the best-of-breed open-source technologies, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility.


Zero Data Engineering

Spend little / no time on Data Engineering as Elysium effortlessly merges vital telemetry data optimized for specific usecases using its Open Data Model, meeting industry standards like OCSF.

Unlimited Data Retention

With Elysium, you are not moving data anywhere. This means, all your log data remains instantly accessible for analytics, always hot!


Complete Ownership

Elysium can be deployed in your databricks account and “golden data set” data model (Elysium Open Data Model) is not limited to the Elysium Stack. You can use it any of your advanced analytics needs.




Elysium operates with true nativity, where ETL workloads, analytics pipelines, and BI reports harness Databricks for storage and compute, maximizing potential of your LakeHouse.