Augment Splunk with Elysium Cloud

There are increasingly more questions and expectations around resilience and cybersecurity as security operations become more visible. Today, security has made its way into the boardroom, and security leaders must define and articulate security outcomes. As a result, security teams have a greater responsibility to communicate security’s ROI in business terms.

The use of advanced analytics and security automation has improved over the past few years and can help the SOC achieve better results. As such, advanced security analytics tools, supplemented by data from semantic security data lakes, come into the picture when it comes to according observability tools greater scope to take advantage of data.

A Data-centric Approach to Security

Data storage and the capacity of data that security teams can leverage are undergoing a revolution. The ability to selectively apply the necessary data from all organizational data allows teams to create more advanced use cases, but only through the continued evolution of tools.

Splunk’s cloud platform with advanced analytics is used by organizations to achieve security outcomes both within the SOC and across teams. By combining low-level signals into a single alert, security teams can generate higher fidelity alerts without overtaxing human resources by generating faster detection times without overtaxing them.

Data and analytics can only be used to improve security outcomes if you use them. The use of orchestration and automation, and expansion of the scope of observability tool capabilities through add-ons comes in here.

In this scenario, it is anticipated that the evolution of security analytics will significantly facilitate better detection, orchestration and analytics.

Amplifying Splunk Value with Elysium:

To enable easier access to diverse security relevant data sets, Elysium follows a unique approach that leverages the existing Splunk platform. The Elysium Analytics Add-on for Splunk on Snowflake enables Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud users to run SQL queries on a Snowflake security data lake directly from the Splunk search bar. The results are directly viewable from the Splunk UI itself, in an intuitive, visually compelling manner. By integrating in-app, SOC teams can also correlate across data on both Splunk and Snowflake, and build visualizations within the Splunk application.

The result? Versatile visualization with a unified visual experience, enriched data, and access to a diverse repository of hot data on a Snowflake data lake directly from Splunk!

In effect, the Splunk add-on allows for the following:

  1. Data archiving: Data value is perishable, and hot data is the need of the hour. The Elysium add-on allows for easy data archiving and access to hot data
  2. Query any data from snowflake and view in the Splunk interface with ease
  3. Quick build dashboards or reports in Splunk interface with Snowflake data
  4. One-touch access to additional Elysium Analytics data
  5. Query data in Snowflake from Splunk in minutes

The benefits that ensue from a simple add-on are innumerable. With easy access to unlimited hot storage at low cost on Splunk, and compliance and integrity being ensured by Snowflake, you get access to better and more relevant data, in a better interface. Elysium’s open data model allows data to be stitched across sources for a unified analytics view. The operational and engineering overheads are near zero, with a completely hosted Snowflake security data lake.

Access to security relevant data is critical for any SOC team, and will continue to improve so that businesses can derive analytics from their data regardless of where it lives. Data enrichment, through sources like Elysium, enable SOCs with access to visually compelling data and enable them to provide a complete picture of security infrastructure.