Elysium Analytics brings OpenSearch to Snowflake FAQs

What is OpenSearch?

OpenSearch is an open-source software project launched in 2021 as a fork of the Elasticsearch and Kibana projects led by Amazon Web Services. OpenSearch includes a search engine daemon, OpenSearch, and frontend visualization and analytics called OpenSearch Dashboards. This initiative was a result of Elastic, the company behind the Elastic Stack, also known as the ELK Stack, moving to a dual licensing structure based on the Server-Side Public License (SSPL) and the Elastic License – neither of which has been recognized as an open-source license by the Open Source Initiative (OSI). This move to a proprietary dual license created a clear demand for an open-source alternative, laying the foundation for the OpenSearch project.

ElysiumSearch is utilizing the OpenSearch Dashboards visualization tool and user interface to provide a fully managed search and analytics suite that runs natively on Snowflake in the cloud of your choice.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a fast, zero-operations data lake as a service that scales dynamically to give you the performance you need exactly when you need it. With thousands of customers that have come on board over a short time, it has proven to be the greatest data cloud platform on the market today providing hot data storage for unlimited retention at a cost of $23 per TB of compressed data. As result, organizations have moved their transactional data to Snowflake from log management platforms such as Elasticsearch and Splunk, or data lakes such as Hadoop, and can now consolidate all their data silos on a centralized data lake.

How can I search on my data in Snowflake?

To access your data in Snowflake, you have Snowflake Worksheets, a web interface for entering and submitting SQL queries or the Snowflake SQL API to develop custom applications and integrations to perform simple queries.

But what if you just want to do a full-text search on your data? SQL is not for everybody in the organization and relying on data scientists to run SQL queries for all the various departments with a need for access to the data is inefficient and time consuming. 

Our maintenance-free search solution helps you make the most of your data and focus on building your business with simple full text search with Kibana Query Language (KQL), a simple syntax for filtering your data using full text search or field-based search.  KQL can suggest field names, values, and operators as you type and is able to query nested fields and scripted fields. This simple search language makes your data available to stakeholders who may not be trained on SQL and, with Snowflake’s automated compute scaling and permission management, allows you to democratize your data seamlessly and with no performance degradation across the organization.

Ad-hoc search on data from thousands of data and data service providers

If you are a data consumer on Snowflake’s Data Marketplace, you can leverage ElysiumSearch to gain quick and easy ad-hoc access to 3rd party data through search rather than having to rely on complicated SQL queries. This is great news for business intelligence and analytics professionals, data scientists, and others who depend on data-driven decision-making live access to ready-to-search data from an ecosystem of business partners and customers, as well as potentially thousands of data and data service providers. With ElysiumSearch and Snowflake Data Marketplace, you can source data faster and more easily, reduce analytics costs, and monetize data.

Visualization tools

In addition to full-text search, ElysiumSearch supports visualization of your data with OpenSearch Dashboards, the successor to Kibana, as well as Looker which is bundled with the service. In addition to the numerous pre-built dashboards that come with ElysiumSearch, you can also build your own.

Zero risk, low-cost usage-based pricing

ElysiumSearch is billed on usage based on Snowflake credit consumption on the relevant data warehouses. This means that there are zero up-front cost and you only pay for what you use. 

Contact Elysium Analytics experts for a free trial for a simple full-text search and visualization of your data on Snowflake.